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Hail and welcome to the Dancing Cyclops Tavern & Inn. The Cyclops (as they like to call it) is a prosperous tavern located in Waterdeep, on the southwestern corner of The High Road & The Street of the Tusks, just a half block east of Waterdeep Way.

This is the 'home' of The Company of the Dancing Cyclops. A group of adventurers that are famous throughout the city and parts of The North. Lark Whisperwind and Jaspryth Redlockes have helped make The Cyclops one of Waterdeep's hottest taverns in the city.

Many other patrons call the Cyclops their home, and to be perfectly honest, many of them have become like family. Like any family, they have their disagreements. Sometimes trouble finds its way into this happy home, but they always manage to come together, closer and stronger than before.

The people who come to the Dancing Cyclops are many. There are those who come just for a quick drink and those that linger all through the day until closing. With every person comes a story. This is the reason that the Cyclops does so well, everyone here has a story. Some patrons don't bother anyone and wish the same for themselves, others like to tell their tales to any who will listen. (Sometimes 2 or 3 or even 17 times if they can)

The Dancing Cyclops Menu
The Dancing Cyclops is famous for its platters of Spicy Potatoes. This simple dish is a local favourite and many will come in for a platter or two. The Cyclops' kitchen was run by Cariss, Jondar's wife, and she is a fabulous cook. Cariss was a very under appreciated person who works all day and most nights as well. She rarely had the time to come out and meet the people she cooked for, and when she did she appears tired and angry.

With the new renovation being done, and The Company's fortunate rescue of Tobi. The Dancing Cyclops fame for great food has increased tremendously. Tobias Whistleflute (Tobi) is an amazing chef and baker. His desserts are to die for and the Ladymage of Waterdeep, Laeral, has often come to the tavern just to sample Tobi's latest creation.

During the Midwinter Carnival of 1369, Tobi managed to beat the Baker's Guild in a baking contest. Also The Dancing Cyclops came in first overall at the competition as well, edging out their friendly rivals of New Olamn Bardic College.

Tobi, however, has returned to his home in Luirien.

Food Prices*
Platter of Spicy Potatoes 2 cp
Cold Meats (Served with lettuce or endive and sauces for dipping) 4 cp
Stew of the Day (mixed meats and seasoned vegetables) 3 cp
Soup of the Day (Usually fish of some kind but on occasion other mixed meats as well as vegetables) 2 cp
Hot Meat Pies (Mixed meat and vegetables stuffed in a pastry shell, comes in hot or mild) 1 cp
Roast Ox (cooked with onions or leeks, garlic optional) 1 sp
Venison (marinated in red wine and spices) 2 sp
Veal (always fresh) 2 sp
Goat (in red wine) 1 sp
Pork (chops or ribs) 1 sp
Bacon (raw to crisped, as you prefer; thick-sliced and served on a bed of parsley with rolls) 6 cp
Rabbit (cooked in red wine with butter and chives) 4 cp
Hot Sausage and Sauce (your choice of sauces and how spicy) 5 cp
*Sausages also available to go - 2 cp/small, 5 cp/large, or 1 sp/coil)  
Quail (if available) 4 cp
Pheasant (when available; steamed with wine) 5 cp
Eels (done in our own white sauce) 3 cp
Herring, Pan Fried 4 cp
Longfin and Other Pleasures of the Deep (when available fresh; served with sauces and your choice of greens) 6 cp
Cooked Beans (mild or hot-spiced) 3 cp
Eggs (done to you taste, in sausage and breading nests):  
Goose 5 cp
Duck 5 cp
Chicken 4 cp
Exotic Fowl (when available) 6 cp
Dessert of the Day (depending on Tobi's moods that day, from cream tarts to layer cakes) 1 sp
Slice of Chocolate Cake (favoured by Lady Mage Laeral herself) 8 sp
Whole Chocolate Cake 3 gp
Cream Pies 4 sp



Jondar the Bear
- Human exPriest of Hoar
  - Human (f) (Jondar's Wife)
   - Human (Jondar's Son)
   (missing at sea as of 1370 DR)

Carnivorous Cal
   - Male Dwarven Cook
   - Human (f) (Jondar's Wife only  works when it's really busy)

Wait Staff
   - Human (f) (Jondar's Niece)
   - Half-elven (f) (now Lark's Wife)
   - Half-elven (f)
   - Elven (f)
   - Human (f)
Zylo McEwan
   - Human Busboy/Bard in Training

"Lighthearted" Lark Whisperwind
   - Half-elven Bard / Priest of Finder
Jaspryth Redlockes
   - Kender (f) Fighter/Rogue
     (while technically not employed she provides a LOT of entertainment)
Juggling Janus the Jester
   - Human Bard (Jester)
   - Human Bard

Regular rotation of the up and coming bards from New Olamn & The Silversong School also make performances here.