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Looking to stock up on supplies before your next adventure? Or perhaps you want to know where to sell your new found treasures? This is your one stop to find where to get the best deals.

Random Shops and Services for City Life
Name Description
Turin's Sundries Shop:  (general store)
Dirufel's Potions & Curatives Shop:  (potions & herbs)
Caer Noroch Shop:  (Moonshae Imports Shop)
Garden of Delights Shop:  (Florist)
Karios' Clothing Emporium Shop:
Madame Talis' Crystal Ball Shop: (Fortune Telling)
Three Blind Mice Shop:  (Cheese Shop)
The Flying Cow Shop:  (Dairy)
The Big Boot Shop Shop:  (boots & shoes)
The Anchor & Sail Shop: (Seafood Restaurant)
The Sleeping Mind Shop:  (Curiosities & Treasures from abroad)
The Speeding Sprite Service:  (Messenger & Deliveries)
Lorimar's Laundromat Service: (Launderer)
The Glass Mantle Shop:  (Art Gallery)
The Moondance Shop:  (Tailor & Costume Shop)
The Glass Slipper Shop: (Cobbler)
The Slithering Serpent Shop:  (Tattoo & Piercing)
Haldun's Furniture Shop:
The Town Crier Shop:  (Local Publisher) (2nd floor)
The Weary Traveler Shop:  (Maps & Adventurers Treasures)
Ullutho's Fletch & Arrows Shop:
House of the Drunken Spider Shop:  (Winery)
The Sturdy Oak Shop:  (Building Supplies & Lumber)
Nautical Endeavours Shop:  (Maps & Charts of the Sea)
Wandering Images Shop:  (Sign Shop)
Candles & Scents Shop:
The Catered Prince Service:  (Food Caterers)
The Waterclock Shop: (Clock Shop)
Frontier Clothing Company Shop:  (Travel gear and Winter apparel)
The Crooked Shelf Shop:  (General Store)
The Shaved Yeti Shop: (Barber)
Bellima's Boutique Shop:  (Women's Gowns and Shoes)
Fanny's Farm Fresh Foods Shop:  (Grocers)
Sugarhill's Shop:  (Sweets & Candies)
Stoutman's Pride Shop:  (Brewer)
Halls of the Korrid Shop:  (Playhouse and Dancehall)
Silver Stars Shop:  (Fine Clothing Shop)
The Dancing Cyclops Tavern & Inn:
Brendallin's Fine Pastries Café:
The Silly Sphinx Café:  (Poets Corner)
Darith's Dry Storage Warehouse:  (rental)
The Sturdy Oak Lumberyard Warehouse:
Fanny's Food Storage Warehouse:
Stoutman's Pride Storage Warehouse:  (distillery)
The Moonshae Meadows Stables:
The Stabled Mount Stables:
The Rested Pony Stables Stables:
Torellan Fernhathon Private Home:  - Retired Adventurer
Mattias Huldhenalt Private Home:  - Merchant
Protias Huldhenalt Private Home:  Merchant
Zullhaz the Dreamweaver Private Home:  Mage - Illusionist
Cristoff Vanderbiirn Private Home:  Merchant
Elduithoin Leafbinder Private Home:  Sage: Flora & Fauna of the North
Ariel 'The Dragon' Xanderlyyn Private Home:  Adventuring Mage
Ingmar Yletstein Private Home:  Merchant
Cherin the Younger Private Home:  Merchant
Ferdinand Romeraz Private Home:  Retired Sea Captain / Explorer