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This section will have resources for Players and DMs alike. All 'Gaming Info' can be found here to make adventuring in Waterdeep more enjoyable.















>> Gaming Info

This is a fan site mainly geared for Player Characters, therefor there won't be a lot of 'player' or 'DM' information. If any 'game info' is included it will be in a box similar to this, however all playing aids will be found here on this page.

This site is mainly for Role-Playing purposes for both Players and Dungeon Masters alike. The focus of this site will be mostly original content. Any information taken from published sources will be as minimal as possible, with references on where to find more information.

Current sources include "Volo's Guide to Waterdeep", "Waterdeep - The City of Splendors Boxed Set", "City System" and soon the new hardcover "Waterdeep" all from Wizard's of the Coast.

* Due to the fact that I am accepting submissions from outside sources I may not be able to catch all references to published material. If you are submitting something please do not copy directly from any sourcebooks as it is copyrighted. Using an NPC or Location name is fine, and feel free to expand on any written works, but please refrain from changing existing canon material.

Raflar the Wanderer