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In a city as large as Waterdeep, you are certain to find people of many different faiths. Some only pay lip service and others who are devout. Take a look at the many religions that Waterdeep supports as well as the strange philosophies of it citizenry.

Greetings, I am Zenkara Nashid, an Aasimar and devout follower of the Divine Arts. I have been asked to spearhead this section due to the fact that I have no religious affiliations and therefore will remain impartial and unbiased.

To begin let me tell you a little of myself. I was born in a land far to the south known as Estagund where I was raised to beliieve in The Adama or "The One" which is the embodiment of the spirit found in all things. Therefor all creatures and objects, including deities, are considered manifestations of the Adama. One could say that in worshiping any deity pays homage to the Adama. There are some aspects and deities that are not acceptable of course, typically those that promote thievery and human sacrifice.

My role here is not to promote any single religious belief over another. I will give each faith equal opportunity to promote itself and allow you to make your own judgements. I aspire only to seek answers, not to influence.

Zenkara Nashid
Divine Oracle of the Adama

With Finder Lark Whisperwind, where he discusses his Faith, his Church and what Finder can do for you. Click here.

















The Font of Knowledge (Castle Ward)
Temple of Oghma
Worshipers: Artists, Bards, Cartographers, Inventors, Loremasters, Sages, Scholars, Scribes, Wizards
High Priest: Sandrew the Wise

The Halls of Justice (Castle Ward)
Temple of Tyr
Paladins, Judges, Magistrates, Lawyers, Police, The Oppressed
High Priest: Hykros Allumen
The House of Heroes (Sea Ward)
Temple of Tempus
Warriors, Fighters, Barbarians, Rangers, Half-Orcs
High Priest: Turik Bloodhelm - High Sword
The House of Inspired Hands (Sea Ward)
Temple of Gond
Blacksmiths, Crafters, Engineers, Gnomes, Inventors, Woodworkers
High Priestess: Jhondil Zulthind
The House of the Moon (Sea Ward)
Temple of Selune
Female Spellcasters, Good & Neutral Lycanthropes, Navigators, Sun Soul Monks, Sailors
High Priestess: Naneatha Suaril
The House of Wonder (Sea Ward)
Temple of Mystra
Elves, Half-Elves, Incatatrixes, Mystic Wanderers, Sorcerers, Spelldancers, Spellfire Channelers, Wizards
High Priest: Meleghost Starseer - Magister of Mystra
The Shrines of Nature (Sea Ward)
Shrine of Mielikki
Druids, Fey Creatures, Foresters, Rangers
High Priest: Briosar Helmsing of Mielikki
The Shrines of Nature (Sea Ward)
Shrine of Silvanus
Druids, Woodsmen, Wood Elves
High Priest: Anarakin Iriboar - Watcher of Silvanus
The Spires of the Morning (Castle Ward)
Temple of Lathandar
Aristocrats, Artists, Athletes, merchants, Sun Soul Monks, The Young
High Priestess: Ghentilara
The Temple of Beauty (Sea Ward)
Temple of Sune Firehair
Lovers, Artists, Half-Elves, Adventurers
High Priestess: Ssaeryl Shadowstar
The Tower of Luck (Sea Ward)
Temple of Tymora
Rogues, Gamblers, Adventurers, Harpers, Lightfoot Halflings
High Priestess: Seenroas Halvinhar
* The Silver Song (Trades Ward)
Temple of Finder
Artists, Bards, Saurials
High Priest: Finder Lark Whisperwind
  The Plinth (Trades Ward)
Temple of All Faiths
Worshipers: All faiths not represented in the city so long as they follow the laws of Waterdeep. (ie: no thievery, maiming, torture or killing)
  Rumoured Temples or Shrines being built:
Temple to Umberlee (Dock Ward)
Shrine to Kelemvor (Trades Ward)
Shrine to Milil (South Ward)
Temple to Eilistraee (Skullport)
* Unofficial Temple not found in any sourcebooks