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Interview with Finder Lark Whisperwind

Today we sit down with a relatively new priest on the block – Finder Lark Whisperwind.

1. Who is Finder Wyvernspur and what does he promote amongst his faithful?

Isn’t that a great question. Finder Wyvernspur is a great man, who battled the forces of evil, and was rewarded with divinity. However, he wasn’t always this way.

A prideful youth, concerned with only fame and perfection. He inadvertently hurt many people with his quest for perfection. After many years, he was finally able to see the mistakes he had made, and vowed to change, and to make right what he could. It was hard for him to change for he had spent his entire life seeking perfection. Of course it is difficult for anyone to change, to step out of what is comfortable and what we know, into the fear of the unknown. He finally was able to set aside the fear, and apprehension and change who he was. He came to the realization that perfection isn’t playing every note as it was written a thousand years ago. Rather, perfection, if it really exists, is reaching your full potential. Changing who you are to achieve all you are capable of. In terms of the arts, it is experimenting with your craft, seeking to improve your works, and find new inspirations. Pushing tradition, and shaping it to your own experiences and motivations. Creating new things, changing that which is today to find a new tomorrow, a better tomorrow.

As for what does he promote amongst his followers, well certainly all these things that he learned through the difficulties of his life. He wants all people, followers or not, to strive to reach new heights, to grow, and to change. From my personal experience with Finder, he has wanted me to found a temple in his name in the great city of Waterdeep. He never told me why, but beyond gaining followers, I think that he looks at wonderful centers of learning like New Olamm and only sees the struggle for perfection. He doesn’t see the quest for personal excellence, and most importantly experimentation. I am a graduate of the barding college, and enjoyed my time spent there very much. I learned an immense amount of information on how to play, and how to riddle. For this I am most appreciative of all who helped me there. Finder, I think wants to be the next step for those still yearning for more. He wants to show them that now that they have accomplished great things with their crafts, they still have much to learn. It took him to the end of his mortal life to understand this. He hails places of learning for their ability to inform so many of so much, and to produce so much passion for the arts. However, he now wants to see passion for themselves. What if you played Lorelian’s Concerto in D Minor in G instead? What are your ideas? What if you created an orchestra of only water percussion instruments? (that was for the Gondites!!) What drives you? What if you attempted to replicate a historic painting in sheet metal? What do you want to be in life? What if you played your instrument with no clothes on? Okay, maybe I got carried away there, but I hope you see my point. Try new things. Change is good. It opens ourselves to new experiences, and new heights of personal excellence.

That is about as succinct as I can answer those questions.

2. How did you come to be in his calling?

Oooh, this is a loooong story. After my last answer, I will try to make this as short as possible. Okay, I was adventuring, found a flaming sword, wouldn’t leave my hands, couldn’t cast my magics. Turned out to be a sacred item to Tempus, so I voluntarily died in their temple in Waterdeep. I was a bit reckless in my youth! Went to the astral plane for some god to claim me. Led to the Hall of Gods, where I was confronted by many, many gods, few of which had much use for me apparently. Yes I was a reject, not sure why Azuth was so mad at me, just for casting a couple of fire spells. How is that irresponsible. Anyways, both Mystra, and Finder showed interest in me, and Finder claimed me for his own. My views, and character was certainly in line with his, and so he was a perfect fit for me. Sent me back here to build a temple, and the rest as they say is history. Wow, that was a pretty short answer for me.

3. Describe what kind of followers Finder attracts. Why should someone worship him?

Well, Finder finds people who need finding. Fine, I will elaborate. Anyone who questions their place in the world, and hopes for more. Anyone striving for self-improvement. Anyone. All people want change, they want things to be better, they want to know more. Most people at this time, are craftsmen, and artists. Some are adventurers, and most are reckless.

4. Your temple is called the Silver Song. What is the meaning behind this name?

My wife, Adrianna, named the temple while I was crusading through the Nine Hells. My absence lasted 3 long years, and so she decided not to wait for me. It was named after my talents, and my beliefs. There is wealth in every song, rhyme or riddle. Hence ‘The Silver Song’

5. I understand that before you build The Silver Song, the previous building was a festhall known as The Golden Horn. Can you tell us how this came about?

Basically the previous owners were selling the place after it survived a minor fire. I lived at the Dancing Cyclops at the time, so I bought the place at a good price. And that’s ALL there is to that story. Next question please!

6. How is your relationship with the community in Waterdeep? How do you think you are perceived by the community?

Oh, I have a wonderful relationship with the community. They love me, I think. I mean I was one of The Heroes of the North, we were past champions of the Wintertide Festival, or whatever it’s called. I took The Dancing Cyclops from obscurity to fame. I saved the neighbourhood from a Tanar’ri lord, and a rampaging Cyclops. I mean the list goes on. Oh! I am the only person to ever play the famed Unplayable Creation of the gnome instrument master at the Temple of Gond. I hold works of art from throughout the realms and time. I give music lessons to any who wish to play, free of charge, and let any and all view the impressive gallery I have assembled. I sponsor a small theatre group in the Castle Ward. The list does go on. These are but a few of the things I have done and still do. As for how the citizens perceive me?, you really should ask them, but I am sure they will have favourable things to say.

7. What does your church (The Silver Song) do for the community in Waterdeep?

We do a lot for the community. I already mentioned the theatre group, and the music lessons. We also have many members of the neighbourhood teaching their crafts here at the Silver Song. We sponsor a lot of local artists and endeavours. We offer a place for hope and dreams to be fulfilled.

8. How does The Silver Song get along with the other faiths in Waterdeep?

We basically have favourable relations with the other religions in Waterdeep. Being kinda new on the block, we tend to steer clear, if possible, of the seedy side of religious life. There is some tension between the Church of Milil and Finder. We try very hard to mend this gap. It simply comes from different philosophies as to the approach towards music. Tradition versus Innovation.

We have formed some very good alliances, with the Church of Tymora, Selune, and Mystra. We do actively seek out the servants of the Drow slime lord who infest the sewers of this city, and Undermountain. Otherwise, all is hunky-dory.

9. Your faith is relatively new, where do you see yourself and your church in the future?

My hopes are that we will someday be a major faith in Waterdeep, and in the Realms for that matter. Only time will tell. But how can we not be? We help people to better themselves, and show people how to reach their dreams.

10. I’ve been told that as well as a priest you are also a Riddlemaster. Can you share with us a riddle about your faith?

Yes I trained at New Olamm, as I mentioned, graduated top riddlemaster in my year. Riddling used to be my life. Then I found Adrianna, then Finder found me, and I found him. Now I have a temple, and two wonderful children. Riddling isn’t quite what it used to be, but I love to stump people with my rhymes and poems.

Time cannot help but to acknowledge me.
People cannot help but to accept me.
The world cannot help but to embrace me.
The laundry up the street cannot help but to appreciate me.
And the shopkeeper cannot help but to return me.

Thanks a lot Zenkara. During my adventuring, I don’t use my natural charisma, or my superior intellect as much as I like. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to enlighten you and the people of Waterdeep as to whom and what Finder Wyvernspur is.