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Baker's Guild
HQ - Master Baker's Hall - Castle Ward
Rep - Relchoz Hriiat - Hriiat Fine Pastires, North Ward
Carpenters', Roofers' and Plaisterers' Guild
HQ - The Stone House - South Ward
Rep - Elemos "the Hand" Dunblast - Dunblast Roofing, Trades Ward
Cellarers' and Plumbers' Guild
HQ - The Old Guildhall - Trades Ward
Rep - Jhalsossan Turnstone - Turnstone Plumbing and Pipefitting, Dock Ward
Coopers' Guild
HQ - Cooper's Rest, Dock Ward
Rep - Rugglar Tossarim - Master Cooper
Council of Farmer-Grocers
HQ - The Market Hall, Castle Ward
Rep - Ballbaas Partall - The Voice of the Master
Council of Musicians, Instrument-Makers, and Choristers
HQ - The House of Song, Trades Ward
Rep - Kriio Halambar or Maxeene "the Flute" Rhiosann
Dungsweepers' Guild
HQ - Muleskull Tavern, Dock Ward
Rep - Zulgoss Helberad
Fellowship of Bowers and Fletchers
HQ - The Citadel of the Arrow, Trades Ward
Rep - Zorondar "the Nimble" Riautar - Riautar's Weaponry, Trades Ward
Fellowship of Carters and Coachmen
HQ - The Road House, South Ward
Rep - Jasril Malakar - Master Carter
Fellowship of Innkeepers
HQ - Fellowship Hall, Castle Ward
Rep - Brathan Zilmer - Master of Hospitality
Fellowship of Salters, Packers and Joiners
HQ - Shippers' Hall, Dock Ward
Rep - Baerlos Dunthar
Fishmongers' Fellowship
HQ - Seaswealth Hall, Dock Ward
Rep - Aybrauve Haltorel - Master Fishmonger
Guild of Apothecaries & Physicians
HQ - The House of Healing, North Ward
Rep - Unthril Zond - Master Physic
Guild of Butchers
HQ - The Butcher's Guildhall, Dock Ward
Rep - Morathin "Hooks" Belmonder - Second Knife - Belmonder's Meats, Trades Ward
Guild of Chandlers and Lamplighters
HQ - House of Light, Trades Ward
Ormbras Delzord - Master of the Flame
Guild of Fine Carvers
HQ - House of the Fine Carvers, Castle Ward
Rep - Dannath Lisosar - Second Master Carver - Patient Fingers Finework, Trades Ward
Guild of Glassblowers, Glaziers and Speculum-makers
HQ - The House of Crystal, North Ward
Rep - Jhalassan Thond - Speaker for the Guild - Thond Glass and Glazing Shop, Trades Ward
Guild of Stoncutters, Masons, Potters & Tile-makers
HQ - Builder's Hall, South Ward
Rep - Buirholdan Skordar - Master Stoneworker
Guild of Trusted Pewterers and Casters
HQ - Pewterers and Casters Guild Hall, Castle Ward
Rep - Baerhar Surtlan - Voice of the Guild - Surtlan's Metalwares, Trades Ward
Guild of Watermen
HQ - Watermen's Hall, Dock Ward
Rep - Jaster Thul - Guild Spokesman
Jewelers' Guild
HQ - The House of Gems, Castle Ward
Rep - Jhauntar Olmhazan - Gelntleman Speaker for the Jewelers - Olmhazan's Jewels, Castle Ward
Launderers' Guild
HQ - The House of Cleanliness, Trades Ward
Rep - Ulraen Caulbor - Soap Master
League of Basketmakers and Wickerworkers
HQ - The League Office, Trades Ward
Rep - Felthauvin Mirrarmul - Master Worker
League of Skinners and Tanners
HQ - League Hall, Dock Ward
Rep - Ilimar Chantreth - League Spokesman
Loyal Order of Street Laborers
HQ - The Streets Office of the Loal Order, Castle Ward
Rep - Reina Thrasim - Voice of the Streets - Fetlock Court, Castle Ward
Master Mariners' Guild
HQ - Mariners' Hall, Dock Ward
Rep - Jheldarr "Stormruner" Boaldegg - First Mariner
Most Careful Order of Skilled Smiths & Metalforgers
HQ - Metalmasters' Hall, Castle Ward
Rep - Hawkun Orsund - Master Hammer
Most Diligent League of Sail-makers and Cordwainers
HQ - Full Sails Tavern, Dock Ward
Rep - Jelhuld Alaer - Tavernmaster, Full Sails
Most Excellent Order of Weavers and Dyers
HQ - The House of Textiles, Trades Ward
Rep - Mellor Rhagust - Speaker of the Order
Order of Cobblers & Corvisers
HQ - Cobblers' & Corvisers' House, Trades Ward
Rep - Darion Sulmest, Sulmest's Splendid Shoes & Boots, North Ward
Order of Master Shipwrights
HQ - Shipwright's House, Dock Ward
Rep - Zabardan Barpar - Speaker for the Shipwrights
Order of Master Taylors, Glovers and Mercers
HQ - Costumers' Hall, Trades Ward
Rep - Alurra Tarbrossen - Lady Master of the Order
Saddlers' & Harness Makers' Guild
HQ - Saddlers' & Harness-Makers' Hall, South Ward
Rep - Deljassa Rammathor - Guildmistress High
Scriveners', Scribes' & Clerks' Guild
HQ - The Zoarstar, Trades Ward
Rep - Dablor Zimmulstern - Guild Master
Solemn Order of Recognized Furriers & Woolmen
HQ - Guild Hall, Castle Ward
Rep - Shalrin Meraedos - Gentleman Keeper of the Order, Meraedos Fine Furs, North Ward
Splendid Order of Armourers, Locksmiths and Finesmiths
HQ - The Metal House of Wonders, Dock Ward
Rep - Hallthor Duzmund - Master Smith
Stablemasters' & Farriers Guild
HQ - The Guild Paddock, Trades Way
Rep - Belihands Masker - Senior Master
Stationers' Guild
HQ - Stationers' Hall, Trades Way
Rep - Azoulin Wolfwind - Master Stationer
Surveyors', Map, & Chartmakers' Guild
HQ - The Map House, Castle Ward
Rep - Doroun Lhaerzor - Speaker for the Guild
Tourist and Travel Guild
HQ - Green Griffin Tavern, Castle Ward
Rep - Raflar the Wanderer - Master Guide
Vintners', Distillers', & Brewers' Guild
HQ - The House of Good Spirits, South Ward
Rep - Razaar Slissin - Guild Master
Wagonmakers' and Coach Builders' Guild
HQ - The Coach & Wagon Hall, South Ward
Rep - Sarjak Belszour - Guild Master
Watchful Order of Magists & Protectors
HQ - Tower of the Order, Castle Ward
Rep - Orlar Thammas - Speaker for the Order

A Brief Word on Waterdeeps Guilds
There are many Guilds in Waterdeep, influencing all aspects of trade and services. At one point in Waterdeep's history, the Guild's held so much power that they almost destroyed the City, today however this power is retrained by the Lords of Waterdeep.

Each Guild is a separate group of people dedicated to different craft or service, some working closely with the Lords while other's focus on the markets with their speciality. All Guilds must be recognized by the Lords, any new Guilds that arise can not compete with an existing Guild. The Lords prefer competition remain within the each individual Guild.

Each Guild has a representative and a meeting place, or Guildhall, where you can make contact to either request information or make a formal complaint of a Guild Member. Each Guild has their own laws but they can never conflict or override city laws. The Guilds can not restrict trade only to their members, but those who do deal with Guild members gain certain rights and priveleges.

* More information on the Guilds can be found in the "City of Splendors Boxed Set - Who's Who Sourcebook"

The Tourism and Travel Guild of Waterdeep is a small group of individuals devoted to promoting the City of Splendors. Membership comes from all aspects of life in Waterdeep so that we can cover all that this great city has to offer.

Membership Roster

Raflar the Wanderer (Human Bard)
- Master Guide

Augustine "Auggie" Fizzletop (Halfling Rogue)
- Nightlife, Recreation

Nellin Crumblebum (Halfling Expert - Mapmaker)
- Maps