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This website is brought to you by the Tourism and Travel Guild of Waterdeep. It's purpose is to showcase the wonders and splendors of the City of Waterdeep.

Whether you are a long time resident or new to the city there is much to experience. Take a carraige ride through the North Ward and look at the marvellous architecture of the noble manors, perhaps shopping through the winding streets of the Trades Ward or maybe even a guided tour of Waterdeep Palace.

Waterdeep is a city full of different cultures and racial backgrounds. A person could live here their whole life and never experience all that Waterdeep has to offer. So sit back and explore this City of Splendors!

You've just arrived to the City of Splendors... now what? It is very easy to get overwhelmed in Waterdeep. The sites and sounds, the twisting roads, constant shouting of merchants, not to mention the grand architecture and imposing castle on Mount Waterdeep.

Here are 5 tips to get you settled.

1) When you first arrive I suggest hailing one of the many carts that travel through the city. For only a copper piece or two, these cart-runners will take you almost anywhere in the city. They are also a great source of knowledge on the layout of the different wards.

2) Strike up a conversation with them and they may tell you things you would never hear elsewhere. Give them a few extra coins and you'd be amazed at the special treatment you'll receive. (or the secrets you'll hear)

3) For the most part these cart-runners are honest and hard-working, although there are a few than can lead you into darkened alleys so always be on your guard.

4) Once you have found a place to stay, (a tavern or inn), start making friends with the locals. You can never have enough friends and when you find yourself lost or in danger you never know when someone will show up to help you.

5) Don't be afraid to ask for help. If you're looking for something specific it's best to ask the locals, or even better, get to know the local City Watch. Other than the cart-runners, no one knows the layout of the city better than they do.

That's it for now, be sure to browse the site for the best places to stay and to shop.

Raflar the Wanderer
Master Guide



>> Gaming Info - What's this site all about?

This site is mainly for Role-Playing purposes for both Players and Dungeon Masters alike. Most of the content is original unless reference is given.

Even though the site is still not finished, I have decided to post it anyway as I have had a LOT of requests to do so. Plus having it live will hopefully motivate me to finish it faster.

Raflar the Wanderer.