The Rundown

This campaign takes place in the city of Westgate in the Forgotten Realms. It is located on the western edge of the Sea of Fallen Stars in an area known as the Dragon Coast. It is a city brimming with intrigue and for the most part it is ruled by a group known as the Night Masks (until recently that is).

The Cast

Doombringer Bollybuckbin Narrabarratar or "Nibs" - Details
Gnome Priest of Hoar (god of revenge).
Nibs is the eyes of the group and quite handy with a whip.

Aristrianih Selgal - Details
Female Half-elf Bard
Daughter of a minor noble. Aris spends half of her time in disguise so she does not disgrace her family name, she is also engaged to Fastred Ssemm of House Ssemm. Aris is an expert at information gathering.

Silas Marre
Human conjurer and thaumaturge of Kelemvor.
Silas is very reclusive and shy, unless undead are present. His specialties lie in the understanding of the mystical world, whether arcane lore, undead or the planes. Silas died while fighting off ghouls and skeletons under the city sewers. He was recently returned under strange circumstances and has been slightly transformed into a half-fiend. Although he was taken before the transformation was complete he is still at odds with his human and fiendish self.

The Story summed up.
The Seekers Guild (as the PCs are known) had a few adventures of their own but are now caught up in a much larger situation. The Captain of the Watch has disappeared and his replacement seems to do nothing about it. Many of the City Watch are being replaced by younger men, whom the PCs have found out are all coming from the city of Teziir.

Westgate is attacked by many factions seemingly led by a group known as The Men of the Basilisk. Pirates, lizardfolk, undead and summoned fire elementals sack the city but are fought off by the 'new' City Watch led by the new Captain. Much of the city is destroyed (see new city map on right) and even a few nobles are killed. One of them is implicated in the attack. The City Watch is heralded for its efforts and the new Captain is named High Regent of Westgate, claiming a (now) vacant noble house as his own.

The City Watch continue to help the citizens rebuild after the attacks and bring much needed order into this chaotic time in Westgate. During which a large amount of Night Masks are killed or apprehended including many of the leaders.

The Seekers Guild suspect that things are not as they seem and have found some disturbing evidence that may suggest that the city of Teziir is secretly taking over the city. They are currently investigating the under city to find a connection between the attacks and the new captain and his influx of 'Teziirian' guards.


This is my Westgate campaign. I've begun fleshing out the city with new NPCs, and geographical locations. Here are a few quick links.

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