UPDATE: July 28th, 2006
Saxxon- The Crimson Paladin who created a 3.5 Spell Sheet for the Paladin Core Class, has updated his Paladin Spell Sheet to include the Spell Compendium Lists. You can find that in the Downloads section.

UPDATE: May 24th, 2006
Not much to update I'm afraid, but we do have a new submission from Saxxon- The Crimson Paladin who created a 3.5 Spell Sheet for the Paladin Core Class. You can find that in the Downloads section. He is also working on a few other submissions as we speak.

Previous Updates
The Waterdeep Site is FINALLY UP! Even though it is not complete I have put up what I have for now. I'm hoping to spark more interest in both my friends and myself, especially with the new Waterdeep Hardcover Sourcebook out. So take a journey to Waterdeep, hopefully you'll find what you're looking for. If not, keep an eye out as we will be adding more and more to it every week.

Click Here to go to the Waterdeep Site

I have uploaded a new Character Sheet in my House Rules section, as we are going to be using the 'sub stats' option converted from 2nd edit AD&D.

Thanks for your patience !
Raflar the Wanderer

Westgate Campaign has restarted, but the focus is changing and we're going Planar!

I've begun fleshing out the city with new NPCs, and geographical locations. Here are a few quick links.

Westgate Background
Westgate City Map Key
Westgate Noble Heraldry
Ssemm Noble House Map
Major NPCs in Westgate


This website is brought to you by the Tourism and Travel Guild of Waterdeep. It's purpose is to showcase the wonders and splendors of the City of Waterdeep.

Whether you are a long time resident or new to the city there is much to experience. Take a carraige ride through the North Ward and look at the marvellous architecture of the noble manors, perhaps shopping through the winding streets of the Trades Ward or maybe even a guided tour of Waterdeep Palace.

The Dancing Cyclops Tavern & Inn is located in the heart of Waterdeep, where the Trades Ward, Dock Ward and Castle Ward all meet.

To find out more about this famous tavern, Click Here.

Seeking the divine in your campaign?
From Greater gods to the more obscure, elven, dwarven, gnomish or halfling. Even a few monster gods as well as all their portfolios.

To find all the different pantheons found in the Forgotten Realms Click Here!