Graphic Design Portfolio

My name is Ralf Wall, artistically I go by Raflar (the Wanderer), and I have a passion for painting the Ontario wilderness. I also have a love of typography and graphic design and these are some of the samples of my previous works. I have worked in many different environments from Fortune 500 companies to local nightclubs. I understand that the needs of the client come before my own artistic desires, and also can give options with which they might not be aware. Thinking both inside and outside the box, I am fully aware of the boundaries set and how far to push them. After all my last name is “Wall”. 

The past few years have been full and exciting for me. I have opened my own art studio, traveled all across Ontario painting the wilderness, and shown my works at various art festivals and galleries. Previously to starting up Wallhalla Art Studio I worked for many years as a graphic designer for both web and print. I created many visuals for company websites, social media, and print marketing materials. At this time, I am diversifying my income source and pursuing potential job opportunities. I you require any graphic design services, contact me to see how I can help you.

Samples of my graphic design

Working with brand guidelines in a fast paced environment

My last job was as a graphic designer for Sun Life Financial where I worked in several departments working within the brand structure that they had established as well as creating new materials based on that brand. I also created many co-branded marketing pieces in a very fast paced environment (creating multiple campaigns in a single day). To help facilitate the requests in a timely manor I created templated materials, with the help of other designers and copywriters, that could easily be customized for each client. While we had to remain within the Sun Life brand guidelines I was able to add enough of the their clients brand to allow easy recognition for their employees. Due to confidentiality I can only show the templates that I helped create.

Social media and creating my own brand

During my time as a professional artist I needed to find ways to advertise myself and create my own unique brand. Part of that was to create a memorable studio name that reflected who I am. The name Wallhalla was a great fit as my last name is Wall and I look like a viking. My colours were chosen from one of my favourite paintings I created in Algonquin and I continue to use this image in my brand. Finally I needed to create signs and banners for both print and digital to spread the word of what I was offering.


Creativity and imagination

I also have a great love of music and DJing. While spinning music at Phil’s nightclub for several years I created my own promotional material for the various nights that would DJ. A nightclub is only as successful as the number of people coming through the door and enjoying themselves. The following posters were designed to draw attention and attract patrons.


Fun and whimsical

I am also a lover of cartoons and comics. I have been cartooning for many years and in 2010 I started my own webcomic called “Mythunderstandings” in which a group of misfit adventurers travel through various myths, and fairytales and we see a different side of that story. I have recently reposted these cartoons with the intent of continuing where I had left off.

You can find Mythunderstandings on both Facebook and Instagram.


Contact information and resume

I hope that I have intrigued you and I look forward to speaking with you about how I can be a benefit to your team. Please contact me either by email at or call me on my cellphone at 226.972.7169

My resume is available by clicking this link: Ralf-Wall-resume_2017.

Thank you.

Ralf Wall
Artist and graphic designer