My Artwork

To make room for my new artwork in Africa in the new year
I’m putting ALL my current work on sale!


Acrylic | Watercolour | Pastels | Pen & InkFantasy
Sold Acrylic | Sold Watercolour 

Most of my acrylic paintings are created with a palette knife as I try to be expressive with my movements and colours. My paintings are splits pretty evenly with half being studio works and half being created on location (en plein air). While most are landscapes in composition and theme I have started experimenting with abstracts as well.

My watercolours are mainly painted on location (en plein air). I love to wandering throughout my hometown of Kitchener-Waterloo and the surrounding areas, as well as, all of Southern and Near Northern Ontario. My goal is to capture the energy of being in these places with emphasis on the mood, light & shadow, colour and/or texture, depending on what has caught my eye.

My ink paintings and drawings are created using many tools, from Micron pens, to dip quills and sharpened bamboo with potted ink on a variety of papers depending on the textured effects I am looking for.

Prices of artwork marked with each image. I also do commission work for those with a specific image or location in mind, and if possible I will travel to your favourite location to paint it. Feel free to email me.