Raflar-with-paintingsWelcome to Wallhalla Art Studio. My name is Ralf Wall, artistically I go by Raflar (the Wanderer). I am an artist and I love the great outdoors. Painting landscapes out in the wild is one of the greatest pleasures I have. Most of my paintings are created on location (en plein aire) and I rarely use photographs. I love to capture the ruggedness of the trees and rocks, the moodiness of the clouds and water, the energy felt from the warmth of the summer sun or the biting winter wind. These are the elements I try to show in my paintings.

I frequently wander around my home town of Kitchener/Waterloo where there are many wonderful parks and natural areas to get inspired. I love taking new routes to discover the little hidden gems in the Waterloo Region. I almost always have my travel art kit so that I can sketch or paint in the moment. I also travel as throughout Southern & near Northern Ontario. My goal is to bring back a little bit of the outdoors so that people can share my connection with nature in their homes and work.